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Games for Change

Play, laugh, learn and help change the world! 

Our goal is to bring together the fast-growing and innovative platform of mobile gaming with much needed actions for social change. The average mobile gamer spends around 30 minutes a day playing games. Imagine the changes in the world we could make if everyone spent 30 minutes a day playing games that reflect their values and support a cause they care about.  

Our ‘games for change’ raise awareness and educate gamers about real world issues through fun, challenge and play. But, we’ve changed the game…

Play bad. Do good.

We expose issues in a clever and satirical way by letting gamers play ‘bad’. Players see first-hand the impacts of their negative actions in the game while learning and sharing positive social messages in the real world. We will also contribute a portion of proceeds from our games to the cause.


Distracted Driving

Our first game, Don’t Kill the Squirrel!, helps tackle the issue of distracted driving using ironic humor and virtual play to bring gamers face-to-face with the consequences of driving under distraction.

Distracted driving is a major problem in the US. Distraction.gov, run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and US Department of Transportation, reports that in 2009, 5474 people were killed and an estimated 448,000 were injured in crashes involving driver distraction. Warning Label Games hopes to make a positive difference to this statistic by working with partners to increase education and awareness of the dangers and impacts associated with distracted driving. A percentage of proceeds from game and in-app purchases will also go towards supporting this important cause.

Download our Distracting Driving is NUTS! campaign flyer.

Malaria Prevention

The second game in our pipeline, Mosquitonator!, takes on malaria from the point of view of the mosquito. The gamer must keep a swarm of mosquitos fed, bred and alive in the face of threats such as mosquito nets. This shows just how effective simple preventative measures such as nets can be in stopping the spread of malaria. 
Malaria, a disease which is both preventable and curable, still kills one child every minute! The World Health Organization reports that in 2010 there were 216 million cases of malaria and an estimated 655 000 deaths. Warning Label Games will work with partners to support malaria prevention by raising awareness of the issue and contributing funds to send life-saving malaria nets to the developing world.
Is there a cause you’d like to see featured in a game? Send us your ideas.